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Report: Houston Texans Want Ryan Mallett Back Next Season

Despite his season-ending injury and impending free agency, Ryan Mallett's brief stay in Houston will last past this season if the Texans have their way, according to Ian Rapoport. Battle Red Blog examines the story.

Back in 2015?
Back in 2015?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If the Houston Texans have their druthers, Ryan Mallett's season-ending injury won't be the last time we see him in a Texans uniform. Ian Rapoport says the team has already told Mallett they want him back next year.

This is subject to Mallett wanting to stay in Houston; he will be a free agent after this season. Of course, what other team would present a better situation for Mallett than the Texans? He's familiar with the offense and coaching staff. The team is not bereft of talent, especially at the offensive skill positions. He'd have a legitimate chance to start (at this point, you'd have to consider him the prohibitive favorite to start if he returns healthy, given the current slate of QBs on the roster) and build his value, thereby increasing the chance that he could sign a lucrative long-term deal. Staying in Houston is almost surely Mallett's best option.

Similarly, bringing Mallett back is probably the best course of action for the team as well. They can sign Mallett to a relatively short-term, low-risk contract that reflects his lack of experience and the uncertainty that surrounds a player coming back from a season-ending injury. Not spending excessively on the QB position means, in theory, additional cap room to address other positions on the roster. If Mallett's play demonstrates he should be the starting QB in Houston for seasons to come, you've at least bought yourself a season or two of cheap production before you have to break the bank; if Mallett flops, you're not out a fortune on a bad decision. And perhaps of greatest import is the reality that the Texans' record this year could very well prevent them from selecting any of the top QBs available in the 2015 NFL Draft. Assuming he fully recovers from his injury, Ryan Mallett likely presents Bill O'Brien with his best chance at winning in 2015.

Agree? Disagree? Just want somebody besides Ryan Fitzpatrick starting for the Texans in Week One of the 2015 NFL regular season? Sound off in the Comments.

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