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Ryan Fitzpatrick To Start At QB For Houston Texans Against Tennessee Titans Sunday

With Ryan Mallett lost for the season, the Houston Texans will turn once again to Ryan Fitzpatrick to be their quarterback. Check out Battle Red Blog for what's sure to be the elation of Texans fans. "Elation" means "horror," right?

Try to contain your excitement.
Try to contain your excitement.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Tania Ganguli tweets some Houston Texans quarterback news on this Thanksgiving Eve:

It would appear Bill O'Brien has completely ignored the undeniable mandate of the Houston Texans fan base with his decision to start Ryan Fitzpatrick again. RESPECT THE POLL, O'BRIEN. STOP DISENFRANCHISING US.

What's that? Fitzpatrick trimmed his beard?

Fitzpatrick then promptly auditioned for "Last Comic Standing" and riffed about his new look:

"I’m kind of mad you guys didn’t tell me I looked like that," Fitzpatrick joked Wednesday at NRG Stadium. "I finally got some time to look in the mirror and thought it was disgusting, so I had to trim it down a little bit."

"It was more me just getting tired of having to pick corn out of it," Fitzpatrick. "When I eat pancakes in the morning with the syrup and stuff, that’ll be there for days. My wife will ask me, ‘Did you have pancakes this morning?’ And I’ll say, ‘No, it was four days ago.’ "

Well, that changes everything. Verily, I have been pacified. Yup, no worries at all. Everything is gonna be A-OK with Fitzy under center.

/whistles past graveyard

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