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Thanksgiving Afternoon Open Thread: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Join Battle Red Blog as we celebrate Thanksgiving the only way we know how - with gluttony and football. Comment in the thread below as you watch the second of three NFL games today as the 8-3 Dallas Cowboys host the 8-3 Philadelphia Eagles in a rare Thanksgiving game with actual meaning!

Did I pack extra capri pants?
Did I pack extra capri pants?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's about that time where we are all either stuffing our faces, have just stuffed our faces, or are just about to stuff our faces.  Nice and full and what better thing to do than to watch the Dallas Cowboys (8-3) host the Philadelphia Eagles (also 8-3) in a legitimately huge NFC East showdown?

Yep, while we toil away worrying about such issues of the day as "TOM SAVAGE OR RYAN FITZPATRICK?!?!?!", the hated Cowboys have bigger fish to fry, as do several former Houston Texans who now call Philadelphia home.

So, there's that.  Dallas got a nice road victory Sunday night in New York over the Giants, while the Eagles trounced the Tennessee Titans, much to my enjoyment.

With huge playoff implications in the balance, this should make for an excellent matchup for you to belch to.

Belch, nap, and comment below at will!