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Thanksgiving Late Open Thread: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

Join Battle Red Blog as we celebrate Thanksgiving the only way we know how - with gluttony and football. Comment in the thread below as you watch the final NFL game of the day. Heated NFC West rivals clash as the 7-4 San Francisco 49ers host the 7-4 Seattle Seahawks.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Unless you eat your Thanksgiving meal in the early/late evening (communist) you're now in full-on FAT mode as you fight the urge to fall the eff asleep.  You?  You are an American.  You have exercised your God-given right to FAT and to FATTY FAT FAT. Good for you, fatso.

Amid the FAT is yet another rare holiday game with actual, real playoff implications.  Imagine that.  With each team sitting at 7-4, the Seattle Seahawks travel to meet the San Francisco 49ers as both teams try to keep pace with the surprising first place Arizona Cardinals.  Seattle is coming off a win over said Cardinals, while the 49ers struggled to get by at home against Washington.

There are few players in the NFL I enjoy watching more than Marshawn Lynch and (the 2013 version of) Russell Wilson.  This will be no different as I'm sure Jim Harbaugh will be ranting, raving, flapping his arms like a child, and otherwise acting like the child (and, sigh, excellent coach) that he is.

So get that heart rate up by reaching for the phone, tablet, or computer and contribute to the open comments thread below.  Enjoy the game!