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Houston Texans Injury Report: Texans Expect Arian Foster To Play Against Titans; Jadeveon Clowney Says His Chance Of Playing Sunday Is "Slim Right Now"

It's looking like the Texans will see one of their stars return to the field against the Titans as their heralded rookie opines that he may be on the sideline again. Check out Battle Red Blog for the latest on Arian Foster and Jadeveon Clowney before the Texans play the Titans in Week 13.

Ready to see this again.
Ready to see this again.
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We've got some good news and some bad news on the Texans' injury report as they prepare to face the Titans at NRG Stadium on Sunday. First, the good news:

Getting the team's best offensive player back just as Ryan Fitzpatrick takes over? Yes, please.

Yet it wouldn't be the 2014 Houston Texans if there wasn't a real question as to whether the first overall pick of the last NFL Draft would suit up on Sunday. At this point, Jadeveon Clowney does not expect to play on Sunday.

Here's what Clowney himself had to say:

Outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney said today that chances of him playing against Tennessee on Sunday are "slim right now" because of continued soreness in his knee.

"My knee swelled up on me a little bit, and I’m trying to get it back to the way it was before," Clowney said. "It’s bothering me a lot right now. I’m in a lot of pain. It’s been bothering me off and on the whole season.

"It’s the kind of thing if I can go, I’ll go. If I can’t, I won’t. I told them (trainers, doctors and coaches) how I feel, and it’s up to them."

Bill O'Brien reacted to Clowney's self-diagnosis with his typical snark.

I'm not about to question Clowney's toughness, as there's no way to know--and it's not for me to say anyway--how his knee feels. What we can all agree on is that his rookie campaign has been a tremendous disappointment and essentially a total loss due to injury. At some point, the question becomes whether the team elects to simply shut Jadeveon Clowney down if he's having this much difficulty getting healthy.

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