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Video: J.J. Watt's 2014 MVP Résumé Through 11 Weeks

A slick video summary of what J.J. Watt has done so far this year.

The NFL's Most Valuable Player award is often known as Best Quarterback, obviously because of how important the position is. Rarely do we see another position win it. Most recently, Adrian Peterson's stellar 2,097-yard rushing season back in 2012 won him the honor. However, it wasn't just the raw stats that persuaded voters to choose him over Peyton Manning that year; it was the fact that his team was winning and made the playoffs, with Peterson being the main catalyst.

That, unfortunately, is the only thing J.J. Watt is missing from his 2014 campaign. He's got the sacks, the swats, the run-stuffs and now even offensive touchdowns. Despite that, he's not carrying the Texans to victories the way Peterson was that year.

Unless the team rattles off 5 wins in a row to finish off the season with Watt playing to his usual super-human standard, I'm afraid that Lawrence Taylor will remain as the last defensive player to win MVP for at least another year.

That doesn't mean we can't enjoy Watt's exploits in highlight form, though. Thanks to YouTuber Gene Parmesion for making the video. Hopefully he'll make another for the end of the year, too.