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BRB Open Thread: College Football (11/29/14)

Hawaii linebacker Lance Williams is excited for this BRB College Football Open Thread, and you should be too!

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

As the college football season dwindles down, the number of interesting games goes up.

This weekend we've got a host of in-state rivalry games, with #1 Alabama vs. #15 Auburn, Oregon State vs. #2 Oregon, #3 Florida State vs. Florida, #19 Ole Miss vs. #4 Mississippi State, #9 Georgia vs. #19 Georgia Tech, #12 Kansas State vs. Kansas, #21 Clemson vs. South Carolina, #22 Louisville vs. Kentucky, and Texas Tech vs. #7 Baylor. Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Mississippi State are all looking to lock up spots in the playoffs, and their respective in-state rivals would like nothing more than to keep that from happening (and wouldn't it be something if they did?).

In addition to all that, we've also got another episode in perhaps the oldest college football rivalry ever taking place, with #6 Ohio State taking on Michigan at home. If Ohio State wins and one or two of the current top 4 lose, they stand a great chance of sneaking into the playoffs, so there's plenty riding on this game as well.

Enjoy the day's games and take to the comments to discuss the game (or games) you're watching.