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Andre Johnson On Bye Week Plans: "Get Far Away From Here"

The best player in Houston Texans history met with the media today and held court on a number of topics after the Texans fell to 4-5 yesterday. Andre Johnson is not exactly overflowing with good cheer.

You can't see the pain in this picture.
You can't see the pain in this picture.
Bob Levey

It's been a rocky last several months for Andre Johnson. Coming off a two catch, twelve yard performance in yesterday's loss to the Eagles, it stands to reason that 'Dre, with the Texans now having dropped four of their past five games, wouldn't be in the greatest of moods. His demeanor didn't go unnoticed by the Eagles, either; take a look at these postgame comments from Cary Williams, one of Philadelphia's cornerbacks, about Andre Johnson:

"He’s not the same guy," Williams said. "Not the same guy."

"I don’t know if he’s happy," Williams said. "I’m not sure. I know he had some disputes before the season in a couple years now. But I know Andre Johnson. I know what he’s done over his career. Just the attitude. It just wasn’t the same. He’s a great player. I’m not sure if he was happy or anything like that. But I know that was a different Andre than I know."

Andre himself addressed Williams' remarks and more today. To say the following isn't a fun read is a gross understatement. Brian T. Smith reports:

Was he wasted as an offensive asset during the Texans’ 31-21 defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at NRG Stadium? Was the veteran wide receiver used as a decoy?

"No comment," Johnson said.

"I’m trying to help the team win," Johnson said. "But I only can do what I can do. I can’t control everything. I only can control what I can. That’s it. I can’t block. I can’t cover guys. I can’t throw the ball. All I can do is run routes and try to get open and catch the ball."

Has Johnson been open and not been receiving the ball?

"I don’t know," he said. "You watched the game."

Johnson said he’s frustrated because the Texans are losing and he’s aware of his talent at his position.

"It is what it is," Johnson said.

Does he see a light at the end of the tunnel?

"I don’t know," Johnson said. "We’ll see."

Will he address his situation with Texans coach Bill O’Brien?

"I don’t really think there’s much to talk about," said Johnson, who added that a quarterback change is out of his control.

It's like Andre is reciting "The Battle Red Bell Jar."  What are your thoughts on 'Dre? Have you seen a different player wearing No. 80 this season?

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