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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Broncos v. Chiefs

This long-standing AFC West rivalry between Denver and Kansas City ignites at Arrowhead Stadium tonight. Talk Sunday Night Football on Battle Red Blog in this open thread.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Denver (8-3) enters this game with a one game lead over Kansas City (7-4).  The Broncos are undefeated in the division (3-0), whereas the Chiefs (1-2) need to improve after losing to the Broncos earlier this season and were embarrassed by the Raiders last week on Thursday Night Football.

The Broncos have been struggling of late, losing to the Patriots 43-21 and Rams 22-7.  They edged past the Dolphins last week, where they trailed 28-17 heading into the 4th quarter, but they made good adjustments for a 22-point surge to win 39-36.  Peyton Manning will be looking to get this high-powered offense going early against the Chiefs to control the game.

The Chiefs came out of their bye week and went on a five-game winning streak before their loss to the Raiders.  They will look at this home game against their division rival as the biggest "must-win" game of the season to close the gap with the Broncos heading into the final stretch of the regular season.  KC has the home-field advantage, but can they stop Manning and company? shows the following comparative stats:


This is certain to be a great showdown, so grab your favorite beverage and pull up a chair.  It's Sunday Night Football, and the floor is yours.  The usual rules apply.