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Open Game Day Thread: BE-SFs v. Texans, 3Q

Your third quarter thread for the BE-SFs from Methoptamia at your Houston Texans.

He will always be #HoboQB.  Always.
He will always be #HoboQB. Always.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

You can't stop HoboQB; you just try to contain him.  HoboQB has three TD passes on the day, including a 58 (???) yard pass to DeAndre HopkinsRyan Fitzpatrick has dropped a 14/18, 179 yards, 3 TD day on us today.  Alrighty then.

The defense is working as expected against a rookie QB, Zach Methenberger and several offensive linemen signed from a local meth operation during the week.

Drop more comment on comment violence in the thread below.

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