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Open Game Day Thread: BE-SFs v. Texans, 4Q

Your fourth quarter thread for the BE-SFs from Methoptamia at your Houston Texans.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you would've told me Ryan Fitzpatrick slept in a box car last night and hitchhiked to the stadium, I'd totally believed you.  If you would've told me he'd have four touchdown passes in a single game, I'd have you committed for society's sake.


DeAndre Hopkins is the BE-SF killer, dropping yet another monster line on the team.  JJ Watt murdered Zach Methenberger on live TV, and Jake Locker remains being Jake Locker.  And the BE-SF offensive line is beyond awful at this point.

It's the fourth quarter!  Party like it's 1999 in the comments.