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Houston Texans Injury Update: Kareem Jackson Out 2-4 Weeks, More News

Your Houston Texans were banged up in the last game against the Eagles. Johnathan Joseph suffered a concussion, Arian Foster strained his groin, and now we learn that Kareem Jackson will miss 2-4 weeks with a sprained MCL.

Get well soon, K-Jax.
Get well soon, K-Jax.
Alex Goodlett

Jayson Braddock had it first:

John McClain has confirmed Braddock's report:

Yet see the quotes below from Coach O'Brien where OB downplays any injuries, even joking about Kareem having a "toothache."

The news about Kareem Jackson is huge blow to this defense.  Jackson has been one of the few bright spots in a secondary that has been giving up a lot of big plays this season.  There's always the hope K-Jax recovers quickly, and you can bet he'll be back out there as soon as possible to try and make plays during the last season of his rookie contract.

In other Texans cornerback injury news, Johnathan Joseph suffered a concussion in the first quarter against the Eagles.  The league has a well-defined protocol before a player is cleared to return to playing; hopefully, J-Jo makes it through that process before the next game against the Browns in two weeks.

Injuries leading to missed games for the starting cornerbacks would mean that the backup cornerbacks see a lot more action for the month of November.  It's very likely that A.J. Bouye will get the start if Kareem's is out.  Hopefully the Texans will see Darryl Morris return to the active roster soon, as he looked very good before his high ankle sprain.  Jumal Rolle and Andre Hal will also likely see increased playing time in the secondary for various nickel and dime packages.

Arian Foster also reportedly suffered a groin injury late in the game against Philadelphia.  There has not been any update on how severe this was; again, hopefully he is 100% for the tilt against Cleveland.

With the bye week upon us, the Texans are offering less information about player injuries.  Here is the official information from The Mothership:

(on if he has an update on CBs Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson) "I don’t. I think that those guys, when I say that I mean that, they will definitely be day to day. They’ll be guys that we have to check in with every day, especially with the nature of what their injuries are. We’ll just kind of see how they are tomorrow and the next day. I think the bye is coming at a good time for things like that. Hopefully they’ll be healed up."

(on if RB Arian Foster is day-to-day) "No doubt about it. No doubt about it."

(on if RB Arian Foster and CB Kareem Jackson had MRIs) "No."

(on if CB Kareem Jackson has knee ligament or cartilage issues) "No. I didn’t say anything about a knee."

(on an announcement that CB Kareem Jackson had a knee injury) "I don’t know who announced that. I didn’t announce that."

(on an announcement in the press box that CB Kareem Jackson had a knee injury) "I heard he had a toothache. I have to get on the same page with Kap (Geoff Kaplan), but I didn’t announce the knee. You didn’t hear that one from me. I didn’t hear that one. I don’t know. Day- to-day."

(on if CB Kareem Jackson has a knee) "Does he have a knee? He has two knees. Not that I know of."

(on what the injury to CB Kareem Jackson is) "It’s day-to-day, whatever it is. It’s always day to day. Come on, man. It’s been nine months now. You know the drill."

We'll keep checking sources to confirm anything regarding injured Texans players and keep you updated as soon as possible.  Is it too early for draft talk?