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SITE NEWS: One Cat To Mod Them All

"Hola, all." Most of y'all know me already, but BFD says I have to introduce myself as a new moderator or give him a sponge bath, so here goes.

Every side is Oher's blind side when he's facing this guy.
Every side is Oher's blind side when he's facing this guy.
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, all. I'm kdentify, and I've been at BRB for a while as a member, and am now helping out on the moderating side, in addition to being a passionate fan.

I'm a Houston native, currently living in exile in the DFW Metroplex for work, and am blessed with the lovely cat y'all see in my avatar. Except for a summer spent in the backwoods of Louisiana with relatives as a child, I've been fortunate to live my entire life in Texas, which I'm grateful for but which makes my fandoms a bit out of the ordinary. In addition to the Texans, I like the Packers, and the Wisconsin Badgers, as well as watching various EPL games and rugby. I grew up a passionate Astros fan -- my parents used to trade off on who had to take me to the games -- but haven't been consistently able to see them on TV since I left Houston for college, so I don't really pay attention to baseball much anymore outside of the playoffs.

Most of y'all have read why I like Wisconsin-based teams, but I'll re-hash for those who haven't or have forgotten. In the dark days of the late 90s, when there was no NFL football in Houston, the NFL decided that Houstonians just needed to be spoonfed Cowboys games. My father, who hates the Cowboys with the fire of a thousand suns, declared that he would never have their games play on a TV in his house, so we became Packers fans, and, by extension, Badgers fans. My interest in B1G football has meant I developed a love of trench football, defense, and ugly low-scoring games. My ideal final score for a game is 2-0 Texans, for example. My favorite player on the team right now is J.J. Watt, who narrowly beats out Andre Johnson because, hey, 'Dre doesn't play defense.

I work full-time in a field that relies upon my degrees in political science and history, so of course, I don't discuss my work on the blog because most of it violates site rules, HOL.