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Open Game Day Thread: NFL Late Afternoon Games (11/9/14)

Our Houston Texans are enjoying their midseason bye, but that doesn't mean their football-obsessed fans aren't watching NFL games.

A preview, perhaps, of what we'll see in Seattle?
A preview, perhaps, of what we'll see in Seattle?
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The Texans are off until next Sunday, but we're fans of the game, and we're here to see the "Broncos buck [the] Raiders into the Bay, [the] Giants sleepless in Seattle, [and] Rams sacrificed in the Arizona desert," or upsets for the ages.  Any Given Sunday and all that.

DEN @ OAK 4:05 EST

STL @ ARI 4:25 EST

NYG @ SEA 4:25 EST

These games should be glorious or gloriously ugly. Can't wait!

Note: If you live in the Houston market you'll be watching ELIte Manning and his minions go up against Beastmode, his Skittles, and the rest of the current Super Bowl champions on your local Fox affiliate.

Of course, should you choose to spend the entire game discussing the Texans' QB situation, I won't be shocked at all.