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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Dolphins @ Jest

Let's be honest: you called in sick today because you couldn't bear to take off those stained, stinky sweat pants from Thursday. And what better way to continue your delightful rut than joining BRB to watch MNF, KWIM?

DeAndre Hopkins contemplating his fantastic game.
DeAndre Hopkins contemplating his fantastic game.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As you can probably guess, Tim runs Battle Red Blog like a finely tuned machine.  When he asked if somebody could cover the Monday Night Football thread tonight, I responded with, "As long as you're OK with low quality work, I'll take MNF."^

And he we are.

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Night Football on BRB.  Somebody, somewhere, thought to themselves, "Self, it'd be a great idea to put the Jest on Monday Night Football in January."  Somehow, this slipped through all those who aren't the New York media, and we get this delightful match-up.

Tonight, Shelley Smith and the Miami Dolphins head to New York Jersey to play Jason Babin and the New York Jets.

Usual Open Thread rules apply, so please be kind to each other.  Join us, and we can't point and laugh at the Jest together.

^ I added, "Also, too, I'm growing a beard and am totally HAWT."  Thought y'all should know.