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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Cowboys v. Eagles

First place in the NFC East is on the line between these two teams who share a long-standing heated rivalry. Talk Sunday Night Football on Battle Red Blog in this open thread.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

These teams both engaged each other just two weeks ago on Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 27th).  In that tilt, both teams sported an 8-3 record, but Philly stormed into Dallas and dumped Jerry Jones' finest in a 33-10 shellacking.

Tonight, both teams proudly enter this rematch with 9-4 overall records on the season.  The Eagles are 3-0 in the NFC East and 5-4 in conference games, while the Cowboys are 2-2 in the division and 6-5 in the conference.

Here is the comparison between the two teams from

Will  Dallas get revenge and take the lead heading into the final two games of the season?  Who will play better, Tony Romo or Mark Sanchez?  Will former Texans Connor Barwin or James Casey shine in the spotlight tonight?

I can hear Carrie Underwood heading this way, so get comfortable with your favorite beverage and talk Sunday Night Football on Battle Red Blog.  The usual rules apply, and the floor is yours!