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Countdown To Kickoff: Houston Texans v. Indianapolis Colts

It's game day for your Houston Texans, which means it's game day on Battle Red Blog, which means you should probably spend those last few painful hours/minutes/seconds before the Texans and Colts kick off with fellow fanatics in BRB's Countdown to Kickoff thread.

What's so funny, Brooks?
What's so funny, Brooks?
Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

Dearest Justin James, with today's game having sizable ramifications for the 2014 Houston Texans, we humbly beseech you to do this another one or two times this afternoon.

With thirteen of these in the books so far this season, surely you know what to do in these "Countdown To Kickoff" threads.

The first open game thread for Texans-Colts will post at 11:45 a.m. CST. Until then, share your thoughts, hopes, and soulful incantations about your Houston Texans upsetting the Colts to keep our dreams of a return to the postseason alive.

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