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2014 Week Fifteen Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Colts game in Week Fifteen.

We join J.J. Watt walking through a dense of jungle.  He is being chased by restless natives. By jungle, I mean the rolling, frigid hills of Indiana. By restless natives, I mean Hoosiers clad in blue and white. Watt rumbles through the twists and turns of downtown Indy.  He comes to a halt in front of Lucas Oil Stadium. It's just where Mr. Watt wanted to be.

Watt rushed into the stadium, dodging lumbering linemen, darts, and numerous trap doors. The Texans defensive lineman reached the end of the trials to find the golden football idol. The idol was stunning and it was just as majestic as Watt remembered before the Colts stole it away. Watt looked over the idol and saw what looked like a pressure plate. He tried to replace the idol with a sandbag, but the trap was tripped. Watt looked up.  To his horror, a blue boulder as big as a house was crashing down on him

Will Watt escape? Will the Hoosiers keep the AFC South golden idol? We will find out soon enough.

T.Y. Hilton. If he got to play the Texans every week, he'd be the first receiver to post a 3,000 yard season.
Brett Kollmann:
Kareem Jackson, because he's the one tasked with stopping T.Y. Hilton from getting those 3,000 yards...
The Colts can't stop the run. NE terrorized them on the ground and made Jonas Gray a star for a week. If Houston wins its going to be Alfarian Bloster has a huge day and they keep the ball away from Luck and Hilton.
I'm going to rip out my pubic hair if I see Swearinger get turned around in zone coverage and allows Hilton to run right down the field.
God. Because it's going to take divine intervention for the Texans' linebackers not to look foolish for much of this game. On a more terrestrial plane, I'll go with Arian Foster. The Colts' run D isn't good, and Arian could do the Texans a solid by getting his second career 200-yard game.
DJ Swearinger. If he gets "dreideled" by Hilton yet again, I'm hoping to see Watt rip his dreads out. If his head comes along with, so be it.
Capt. Ron:

J.J. Watt is this week's X-Factor. With no Clowney or Mercilus to help with the pass rush, Watt will have to elevate his game even further to stop Andrew Luck from finding T.Y. Hilton, Coby Fleener, and Donte Moncrief. Hopefully the refs are not today's X-Factor for the Colts!


All I know, if the Colts mess with J.J., they've got problems. That's all I know.

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