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Tom Savage Already Declared OUT For Ravens Game, New Starting QB Not Yet Named

Who is ready for the Thad Lewis and/or Case Keenum experience? Yep, that's what I thought.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Bill O’Brien delivered some sad but expected news today at his weekly Monday press conference – Tom Savage is out against the Ravens.

The rookie quarterback was thrust into action in the second quarter after starter Ryan Fitzpatrick suffered his own season-ending broken leg injury due to a clearly intentional tripping attempt by Colts linebacker Jonathan Newsome. Savage’s knee injury (which he underwent an MRI for) was also caused by a questionable uncalled hit below the waist; upon further review, it seems as if it was just a case of terrible misfortune rather than any intentional wrongdoing by defensive end Arthur Jones.

Jones makes contact with Savage’s thigh area and simply slides down his leg.  Because Savage’s leg was planted in the ground, his knee was forced to take the brunt of Jones’ weight as it fell, forcing the joint to buckle in the wrong direction. While Newsome likely will be held accountable for his actions, Jones will probably escape this week without a fine, as he should.

As for the Texans, they are now down to Thaddeus Lewis and the returning Case Keenum at quarterback for a game against a Baltimore front seven that sacked Blake Bortles a whopping eight times last week.


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