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Who Should The Houston Texans Start At Quarterback Against The Ravens On Sunday?

Thad Lewis? Case Keenum? Your grandmother? Who should Bill O'Brien tap as his starting QB for the game against the Ravens on Sunday afternoon? Texans fans weigh in on Battle Red Blog.

Marvel at Thad.
Marvel at Thad.
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

With Tom Savage already declared out for the Texans' game against the Ravens on Sunday, with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Mallett already lost for the season thanks to injuries of their own, your Houston Texans will start either Thad Lewis or Case Keenum at QB this week.

Because I love writing posts I never thought I'd write and because I like to think some day we'll look back on this and have ourselves a good laugh, I ask you:

Who should the Texans start at QB against the Ravens on Sunday?

Please cast your vote in the poll below and then explain your reasoning in the comments.

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