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Houston Texans Sign Ricky Stanzi To Practice Squad

Never fear, Texans fans. In the wake of injuries to everyone who ever took a snap under center for the Houston Texans, quarterback is now firmly under control. Ricky Stanzi is here.

Two words, friend.  SAV.  IOR.
Two words, friend. SAV. IOR.
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Berman tweets:

Before you go and order that custom "STANZI" jersey in battle red, remember that Stanzi is only on the practice squad.

For now.

Heading into the Ravens game this week, the Texans' depth chart at QB reads Thad Lewis, Case Keenum, and Ricky Stanzi (in some order; we don't know whether Lewis or Keenum will get the starting nod against Baltimore yet, and there's no indication Stanzi will actually dress for the game on Sunday). No doubt this is precisely how Bill O'Brien drew it up when he was putting this team together during training camp.

/takes long swig of whiskey
//stares off into the distance

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