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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching Texans-Ravens?

The Houston Texans will welcome a host of familiar faces back when the Baltimore Ravens come to town this week. What are your plans for watching the game?

Jakespeare's coming, people.
Jakespeare's coming, people.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After two games on the road, your Houston Texans return to the friendly confines of NRG Stadium to host the Baltimore Ravens this week. With those Ravens will come Gary Kubiak, the man who was in charge of the Texans for nearly eight seasons before he was relieved of his duties after Houston started 2-11 last year. There'll be some extra emotion in the building this week, and I want to know where you'll be when the ball is kicked.

Will you be at NRG Stadium, wistfully remembering the good times the Texans had in 2011 and 2012 under Kubiak?

Will you be watching at home, wondering how different Bill O'Brien's offense would have looked with Owen Daniels at tight end?

Or will you be at a tavern, yelling like a crazy person each time Jacoby Jones touches the ball?

Whatever your plans, let us know in the Comments. If you're still trying to figure out what you're going to do, or if you're a stranger in a strange land looking for somewhere to catch the game, pose any queries here; someone might have a suggestion for you. Similarly, if you've got a worthy spot staked out somewhere and want to clue fellow Texans fans in to it, please divulge that information in the Comments as well.

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