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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Titans v. Jaguars

The battle for the bottom of the AFC South, and quite possibly the entire league, is up for grabs. Talk Thursday Night Football on Battle Red Blog.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The pool deck in Jacksonville may offer better entertainment than the football field in this game between two lackluster 2-12 teams of the AFC South.  When considering draft implications, Texans fans might want to pull for the Titans in this tilt to ensure that Tennessee doesn't get the first overall pick.  The last thing Houston needs is another first-round quarterback in the division, and Marcus Mariota would be very tempting for Tennessee.

Jacksonville is not likely to grab a top quarterback in the next draft since they invested a the third overall pick in Blake Bortles in the 2014 NFL Draft.  If one of our AFC South rivals is going to pick at the top of the 2015 NFL Draft, you should probably hope it is the Jags more than the Titans.  If you don't feel comfortable actually rooting for the Titans, perhaps you can at least pull for the Jaguars to lose?  Insert the ever popular meteor and sinkhole jokes as an alternative, of course.  Eh, I need a shower already just thinking about this match-up.

Here is how these two teams stack up according to

So there you have it.  The battle for last place in the NFL may very well unfold tonight.  Share your thoughts and comments.  The usual rules apply.