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Battle Red Radio: Fitzpatrick's Back With More Magic, Less Tragic

Join myself, BFD, and Matt Weston for Battle Red Radio LIVE tonight at 7PM Central Time. We will discuss Houston's rousing victory over Tennessee, the truly surreal feeling of Ryan Fitzpatrick's six TD passes, and preview the Texans' upcoming trip to Jacksonville.

DeAndre Hopkins had a career game as Houston obliterated the hapless, sad Tennessee Titans 45-21
DeAndre Hopkins had a career game as Houston obliterated the hapless, sad Tennessee Titans 45-21
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Join us LIVE tonight at 7PM Central for yet another episode of Battle Red Radio.  Join myself, BigFatDrunk and Matt Weston as we discuss the Houston Texans' utter destruction of the Tennessee Titans, which wasn't so much a surprise in result as it was in execution.  Ryan Fitzpatrick set a new franchise mark for touchdown passes with six.  SIX!?!?  Six.  J.J. Watt did J.J. Watt things yet again, and DeAndre Hopkins, who has been Houston's best wide receiver all season, had his national "coming out party" with nine catches for 238 yards and two touchdowns.

We will continue a series started last week where we look into the future of a select few position groups.  This week we will discuss the CB position, and I'm sure we will discuss Andre Johnson and the WR position as well.

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As a reminder, the show may have some salty language from time to time, so listeners beware.

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