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Ravens-Texans Final Score: Keenum Wins In 2014 Debut, Defense Dominates Floundering Flacco

The Texans did their part to keep their playoff hopes alive by dominating the Baltimore Ravens 25-13.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Chances are that the Texans won't make the playoffs, but it sure feels nice to watch them put a blow on the Ravens' chances.

Not many would have predicted a victory for Houston here -- not with Case Keenum making his first start of the season after spending most of it on the Rams' practice squad -- but that's exactly what happened. In his first action since losing 8 games as a starter for Houston in 2013, Keenum had a very busy day throwing for 185 yards on... 42 attempts.

That is absurd, but it's a fitting statline from an absurd player in an absurd game. Bill O'Brien opened up the offensive playbook for Keenum and Arian Foster (25 rush, 96 yards) and kept Baltimore's defense guessing the whole day. It wasn't pretty or efficient, but it got the job done, and ultimately helped O'Brien do something that Gary Kubiak never did: win with Case Keenum as his starter.

Romeo Crennel's defensive squad put up a masterful performance against Joe Flacco and the Ravens' offense. The former Super Bowl MVP had one of the worst games in his career even though the Ravens desperately needed the victory to stay as the AFC's 6th seed. He was sacked twice and hit 10 times and was absolutely erratic throwing the ball going 21/50.

The season finale is next week as the Texans host the Jacksonville Jaguars. Discuss the victory below!