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Battle Red Radio: You Can't Come Home Again

Join myself, BFD (maybe), Matt Weston, and Rivers McCown for a very crowded edition of Battle Red Radio LIVE tonight at 7PM Central Time. Of the many topics on the table - Houston's improbable home victory over Baltimore, Case Keenum's first victory as an NFL starting QB, and Houston's unlikely but mathematically present chance for a playoff berth.

Here's one way to solve your QB problems, just give 23 the damn ball.
Here's one way to solve your QB problems, just give 23 the damn ball.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was unexpected.  The Houston Texans handed the Baltimore Ravens a 25-13 loss in front of the Houston faithful Sunday.  Despite starting Case Keenum at quarterback less than a week after plucking him from the St. Louis Rams' practice squad, the Texans have managed to do something that genuinely shocks me - keep their playoff hopes alive into the final week of the season.

Take a break from your in-laws and join us tonight for Battle Red Radio at 7PM Central Time.  I will be joined by BFD (maybe), and TWO former Battle Red Radio hosts - Matt Weston and Rivers McCown.  Among the topics tonight - Bill O'Brien's coaching job, Case Keenum's improbable victory, Gary Kubiak's return, Arian Foster's versatility, J.J. Watt's mastery of the game of football, and much more.  We of course will also discuss the season finale Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Feel free to post questions in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter here.  If they're good ones, we'll answer them.

Once the show begins, you can listen using the embedded link below, or wait for the archived show after.

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As a reminder, the show may have some salty language from time to time, so listeners beware.

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