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Countdown To Kickoff: Houston Texans v. Jacksonville Jaguars (Round II)

It's game day for your Houston Texans, which means it's game day on Battle Red Blog, which means you should probably spend those last few painful hours/minutes/seconds before the Texans and Jaguars kick off with fellow fanatics in BRB's Countdown to Kickoff thread.

That's some flair right there.
That's some flair right there.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

A little less than four months after your Houston Texans opened their 2014 campaign, they enter the final game of the regular season with a chance to (1) post a winning record a year after going 2-14 and (2) actually somehow qualify for the postseason, assuming Houston takes care of business against the Jaguars this afternoon and gets some help from the Browns and Chiefs. Improbable? Yup. Impossible? No. So we watch.

And until the game starts, we wait.  And we chat.  In this post, even.

The first open game thread for Texans-Jaguars will post at 11:45 a.m. CST. Until then, use the comment section to share your thoughts, hopes, and wild theories about how the Texans, Browns, and Chiefs will all win, thus enabling the Texans to play a seventeenth game next week.

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