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Open Game Day Thread: Houston Texans v. Jacksonville Jaguars (Round II) - 2nd Quarter

Here's your second quarter thread for the last regular season game of the year! Treat it wisely.

JJ Watt showing Superman how to fly.
JJ Watt showing Superman how to fly.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

JJ Watt collected two sacks in the first quarter, putting him at 19.5 sacks for the season.  With another half sack, Watt would become the first player in NFL history with 20 sacks in two different season.

Ladies and gentlemen, in my never humble opinion, JJ Watt is your 2014 NFL MVP.

Case Keenum threw a pick six for a touchdown the wrong way, and the Jacksonville Glitter Kitties lead your Houston Texans 10-7.