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J.J. Watt Makes History, First Player In NFL History To Get 20+ Sacks In Two Different Seasons

The J.J. Watt MVP campaign continues in the last week of the season in a game with playoff implications against a divisional rival.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With his 4th quarter sack against the Jacksonville Jaguars, J.J. Watt became the very first player ever to get 20 or more sacks in two separate seasons.

It was Watt's third sack of the day and featured a rather unstoppable spin move on former second overall pick Luke Joeckel. It was also good for a safety, putting the Texans up 23-17 as they fought for a playoff berth.

For those keeping score at home, that's the fourth different way Watt has put up points for his team, accounting for 32 points overall from him alone.

Can you spell MVP?

Em, Vee, Pee.

But honestly, forgetting the MVP campaign for a second... Watt is only 25 years old. We're witnessing something special here, people. Watt is the kind of player we'll be talking about for years after he retires.

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