The Texans QB Situation: Keenum In? Fitzpatrick Out? Mallett? Draft?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Firstly, the Texans went from being a 2 comebacks away from 0-16 team to many near losses, 9-7, team. What a season, the Texans fought hard, and nearly made the playoffs. The Browns gave away their late lead and lost 20-10, nonetheless, the Texans are a winning team again. The main position the Texans need to get settled at is QB. I say the Texans cut Ryan Fitzpatrick. The offense looked better when both Case Keenum and Ryan Mallett ran the offense compared to how Fitz ran the offense.

Keenum's improvement from last week

Keenum was sharp, completing 25 out of 35 of his attempts. Keenum did make some poor throws that could have added to his already accurate completion percentage. Keenum did make 2 huge mistakes, which lead to the Jaguars scoring 14 points. What I liked about Keenum is that he didn't let those mistakes get to his head. Keenum threw a pick 6 and fumbled the football that lead to a Jaguars TD on the next play. On Keenum's next drive, he drove the Texans down the field and delivered a quick strike to Johnson for a TD, and the Texans never lost the lead from then on. Keenum ended up with a 98 QB rating. Not bad considering the fact he's been with the offense for 2 weeks, not bad at all.

How big of a concern is Mallett's injury?

He tore the muscle on the side of his throwing arm, his arm strength is likely to be affected by this injury. Mallett won't be throwing until spring time, there is a chance he won't be ready by week 1. There is also a slim chance of his arm not coming back the same. Do the Texans take a chance with Mallett?

Can Savage compete for the starting job?

I'm not too big on Savage, he couldn't even hand the ball off correctly. He could improve, but would it be enough to beat Keenum?

Draft a QB?

The Texans aren't high enough on the draft board to grab a good QB in the 1st round. Whichever QB the Texans get will need time to develop, and probably won't be ready to start week 1.

What say you, Texans fans?