Ask A Jags Fan: Texans @ Jags

Huh? - The most confused Jaguars fan, ever.

Hey y'all! I'm here from BCC to answer any questions you have about my Jaguars, who rallied back from a 18 point halftime deficit to defeat the New York Giants 25-24. It was really the defense that won the game, but it was really a team effort, since we would not have won without either of the defenses touchdowns, Josh Scobee's FGs, or Bortles TD pass to Marquise Lee.

And then there is #99.

A couple questions for y'all:

1. How has Ryan Fitzpatrick looked this year?

2. Strengths/weaknesses of the offense?

3. Strengths/weaknesses of the defense?

4. Any injuries?

5. Any late round/UDFA gems?

Good "Luck" to y'all! And thanks for beating the Titans! I can't stand them! #Because1999 #BecauseGreggWilliams.