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Arian Foster Meets With Media, Answers Every Question In A British Accent

This would be weird for anyone else. For the Houston Texans' star running back, it's simply par for the course. Watch the video on Battle Red Blog.

'Ello, Guv'nor.
'Ello, Guv'nor.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Arian Foster met with the media today. He conducted the entire press conference in a British accent.

Odd as that may sound, I don't think you'll find many (any?) Texans fans who are the least bit surprised. This is Arian Foster's world, and we're all just pip-pip-cheerio-Big Ben-Westminster Abbey-fish and chips living in it.

You can watch the entire exchange here.  It's well worth your time, if for nothing else than to hear Foster discuss how he's feeling after returning from the groin injury that caused him to miss two games earlier this year.

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