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NFL Week 14 AFC Playoff Picture: Which Teams Need to Lose To Help The Texans?

There are several games this weekend that have playoff implications as we work our way through the final stretch of the regular season. Uncertain who to pull for this weekend in games that could affect the Texans' chances to advance into the postseason? We have you covered at BRB.

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There are four weeks left to the 2014 regular season, and your Houston Texans are still technically in the hunt to reach the playoffs.  They will obviously need to do their part to win games, starting with today's tilt against the Jaguars, but it's a good time for us to look around the league to see which games hold interest to us in this final stretch.

Leader Board

Here is the current playoff picture from

Remaining Regular Season Schedule


1st Seed: Patriots (9-3)

Remaining opponents: Chargers (8-4), vs. Dolphins (7-5), at Jets (2-10), vs. Bills (7-5)

2nd Seed: Broncos (9-3)

Remaining opponents: vs. Bills (7-5), at Chargers (8-4), at Bengals (8-3-1), vs. Raiders (1-11)

3rd Seed: Bengals (8-3-1)

Remaining opponents: vs. Steelers (7-5), at Browns (7-5), vs. Broncos (9-3), at Steelers (7-5)

4th Seed: Colts (8-4)

Remaining opponents: at Browns (7-5), vs. Texans (6-6), at Cowboys (9-4), at Titans (2-10)


5th Seed: Chargers (8-4)

Remaining opponents: vs. Patriots (9-3), vs. Broncos (9-3), at 49ers (7-5), at Chiefs (7-5)

6th Seed: Dolphins (7-5)

Remaining opponents: vs. Ravens (7-5), at Patriots (9-3), vs. Vikings (5-7), vs. Jets (2-10)


Chiefs - Remaining opponents: at Cardinals (9-3), vs. Raiders (1-11), at Steelers (7-5), vs. Chargers (8-4)

Bills - Remaining opponents: at Broncos (9-3), vs. Packers (9-3), at Raiders (1-11), at Patriots (9-3)

Ravens - Remaining opponents: at Dolphins (7-5), vs. Jaguars (2-10), at Texans (6-6), vs. Browns (7-5)

Steelers - Remaining opponents: at Bengals (8-3-1), at Falcons (5-7), vs. Chiefs (7-5), vs. Bengals (8-3-1)

Browns - Remaining opponents: vs. Colts (8-4), vs. Bengals (8-3-1), at Panthers (3-8-1), at Ravens (7-5)

Texans - Remaining opponents: at Jaguars (2-10), at Colts (8-4), vs. Ravens (7-5), vs. Jaguars (2-10)

Which AFC teams Texans fans want to win this weekend:

Patriots v. Chargers: Go Pats!

Broncos v. Bills: We want the Broncos in this one.

Bengals v. Steelers: The steel curtain must fall!

Colts v. Browns: Easy, we would love to see our division leader fall today....and next week, and so on.

Dolphins v. Ravens: This one is a bit more complicated.  They are both 7-5 overall, but Miami is 6-3 against AFC opponents, while the Ravens are 3-5 in conference play.  Go with the Dolphins here to help eliminate the Ravens before the Texans face them in two weeks.

Chiefs v. Cardinals: We need some good Cards today.

The Texans need to take care of business today, and we'll also be pulling for the Patriots, Broncos, Bengals, Browns and Dolphins to help shape the AFC this weekend.  Enjoy some meaningful football on this NFL Sunday!

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