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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Daniel Jeremiah Holds Steady With Houston Texans Predicted Pick's Daniel Jeremiah has published his second mock of the 2014 NFL Draft. Who does he have the Texans selecting, and what do Houston fans think of the projection?

Not for Houston, thankyouverymuch.
Not for Houston, thankyouverymuch.
Streeter Lecka

A little less than a month ago,'s Daniel Jeremiah released his first mock of the 2014 NFL Draft. Today he released the second draft of said mock draft, but he hasn't changed his mind about what your Houston Texans will do with the top pick. Jeremiah says Jadeveon Clowney is Houston-bound and offers the following brief explanation:

Blake Bortles fits the Bill O'Brien quarterback profile but passing on Clowney will prove to be difficult.

No matter how many mocks I read that have Clowney going to the Texans, I just can't buy it. As I've whined for at least two months, I think the Texans should take the top quarterback on their board with the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Personally, at this moment, I hope that player is Teddy Bridgewater.

For those of you who think the Texans should target a QB later in the draft, I refer you to this post and infographic from Big Cat Country. It's not dispositive, but I believe it's worth your time to look at the data.

While the ongoing process that is prospect evaluation leading up to the night of May 8, 2014 could change my mind, I want a QB with that first overall pick as I type this today. What say you?