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2013 Houston Texans Season Review: Reader's Choice Awards

I turned in my ballot yesterday. Now it's your turn to make your selections for the 2013 Houston Texans season awards.

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Yesterday, I submitted my picks for the 2013 Texans season awards and now I'm passing the baton over to you, loyal reader. Below are the same awards I made selections for, but with the addition of multiple choices. At the bottom of the page will be a link to a survey for you to make your picks. The results will be posted on Friday.

Travis Johnson Worst Draft Pick of the Year

1.) Sam Montgomery

2.) Brennan Williams

3.) Trevardo Williams

4.) David Quessenberry

Jerry Jones Worst Off-Season Decision

1.) Not drafting a quarterback sooner.

2.) The Ed Reed signing.

3.) Cutting Chris Jones.

4.) Draft picks made from rounds three through seven.

Hipster Jersey of the Year

1.) Ed Reed

2.) Jeff Tarpinian

3.) Derek Newton

4.) Shiloh Keo

Unfortunate Event of the Year

1.) Pick Sixes on Pick Sixes.

2.) Injuries to Danieal Manning, Brian Cushing, and Arian Foster.

3.) Randy Bullock misses field goals.

4.) Kubiak collapses.

Jacoby Jones Award

1.) Connor Barwin

2.) Glover Quin

3.) Chris Jones

4.) James Casey

#Hashtag of the Year

1.) #420Gate


3.) #PeeAndPoopTheBedForTed

4.) #Ahman Reed

Beard of the Year

1.) Matt Weston

2.) Matt Schaub

3.) Ed Reed

4.) Jared Crick

Ryan Dunsmore Photoshop of the Year

1.) Wade Phillips as Coach Klein

2.) A BRB Christmas Story

3.) How the Schaub Stole Christmas

4.) Texans vs. Jaguars Dumpster Fire

The #1 Pick Hot Take Storyline

1.) The Texans will regret the day they don't take Johnny Manziel.

2.) Bill O'Brien.

3.) Bob McNair wants Jadeveon Clowney.

4.) Teddy Bridgewater's hands are too small.

Joe Theismann Injury of the Year

1.) Arian Foster

2.) Brian Cushing

3.) Danieal Manning

4.) Kareem Jackson

Play of the Year

1.) DeAndre Hopkins' game-winning touchdown catch against Tennessee.

2.) Brian Cushing's pick six against San Diego.

3.) T.J. Yates' pick six against St. Louis.

4.) Case Keenum's 62 yard TD pass to Andre Johnson against Indianapolis.

Stat of the Year

1.) The Newton: Called for holding and a sack allowed on the same play.

2.) The Keenum: A sack taken for as loss of more than seven yards.

3.) The Schaub: Back to back to back to back to back games with a pick six.

4.) The Gabbert: Game with a completion percentage below 50%.

Folly of the Year

1.) Bullock's field goal frenzy.

2.) Every Ed Reed tackle.

3.) Shiloh Keo is a dolphin.

4.) Losing twice to Jacksonville

Game of the Year

1.) Week One: 31-28 Win over San Diego.

2.) Week Two: 30-24 Win over Tennessee.

3.) Week Four: 20-23 Loss against Seattle.

4.) Week Seven: 16-17 Loss against Kansas City.

5.) Week Nine: 24-27 Loss against Indianapolis.

Gary Kubiak Battle Fighter of the Year

1.) Shiloh Keo

2.) Darryl Sharpton

3.) Brandon Harris

4.) LeStar Jean

5.) Earl Mitchell

Special Teams Player of the Year

1.) R.I.P., Marciano.

2.) Shane Lechler

3.) Keshawn Martin

4.) Randy Bullock

Rookie of the Year

1.) D.J. Swearinger

2.) DeAndre Hopkins

3.) Ryan Griffin

4.) A ham sandwich

Offensive Player of the Year

1.) Ben Tate

2.) Garrett Graham

3.) Andre Johnson

4.) Case Keenum

Defensive Player of the Year

1.) J.J. Watt

2.) J.J.Watt

3.) J.J. Watt

4.) J.J. Watt


1.) Ben Tate

2.) J.J. Watt

3.) Andre Johnson

4.) Johnathan Joseph

Here's the link to the surveys to make your picks:

Survey 1

Survey 2

Check back tomorrow for the results!