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Report: 2014 NFL Salary Cap Will Be $130 Million Per Team

With word that NFL teams will have more salary cap room to work with than initially thought, what does it mean for the Houston Texans this offseason?

Does more cap room mean more Ninja Assassin in 2014?
Does more cap room mean more Ninja Assassin in 2014?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I believe Adam Schefter was the first to report it this morning:

The NFL will raise its salary cap to about $130 million, up about 5 percent from $123 million last season, league sources said Thursday.

The $130 million figure is higher than teams were expecting and is welcome news for many, especially the cash-strapped Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.

Although the NFL has not confirmed that $130,000,000.00 will in fact be the salary cap teams must operate under in 2014, that increased cushion could be a big deal for your Houston Texans. A little more than a week ago, Corzo (with the assistance of Spotrac) theorized that the Texans were currently a mere $1.4 million or so under the cap. Even without the news of a 5% increase in cap room, the Texans' cap figure was sure to change, as the team is going to be making some moves that'll markedly affect their financial obligations in 2014 and beyond. Now, however, the Texans may have a bit more breathing room in which to wheel and deal this offseason.

If that additional rumored cap space becomes a reality, it'll be interesting to see how the Texans use it. Will it mean a free agency arrival that otherwise wouldn't have happened? Will it simply mean more readily available guaranteed money for the next in-house extension? Could it result in player fans expected to lose staying in Houston for another season? Sound off with your theories in the Comments below.