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2014 NFL Draft: Jadeveon Clowney "Offended" By Spurrier Comments On His Work Ethic In Ep. 03 Of 'Pressure Points'

The 'Pressure Points' web series rolls on as virtually the entire NFL packs into Lucas Oil Stadium for the 2014 NFL Combine. See Jadeveon Clowney's reaction to hearing what Steve Spurrier had to say about his work ethic.

Streeter Lecka

Episode Three of Gillette’s ‘Pressure Points’ was released today, and it gives a great behind the scenes look at the combine experiences of North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron, Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, and South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Ebron’s vivacious personality shined once again on camera, but the most intriguing moment of this chapter might be Clowney’s reaction to Steve Spurrier’s comments on his work ethic.

"It kind of stuck with me because I love this game. I’ve been playing it since I was five years old. I wouldn’t question my work ethic and how much I love this game. I feel offended by it but you just let everybody talk and you just do your thing."

I personally saw nothing  to be concerned about with Clowney’s effort on the field when watching tape. If his feelings on Spurrier’s comments are genuine, perhaps there is nothing to be concerned about off the field either. I suppose nobody will have the answer to that question for some time; until then, we can still marvel at Clowney’s limitless potential.

You can watch 'Pressure Points' third episode in its entirety here. In case you missed them, here are links to episodes one and two.