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Houston Texans Draft: Meet The Man Behind The Johnny Football Billboards

The "Keep Johnny Manziel in Texas" campaign is becoming eerily similar to the Tim Tebow saga in Jacksonville.

Go, Johnny, go, go, go...
Go, Johnny, go, go, go...
Sean Gardner

The Houston Chronicle (yeah, I know) had a piece on the man who's paid for the 12 billboards across Houston urging Bob McNair and his front office to draft Johnny Manziel. Turns out he's a local area lawyer and a Texas A&M alum. I won't add to his publicity in the search algorithms by printing his name, but you can read about him in the link.

Here's a quote from him via his website:

"The modern quarterback in the NFL must first and foremost be an athlete. There is no athlete in football like Johnny Manziel. Winners find a way to win. Johnny is a winner. Johnny Football is what the Texans need. Don't blow it, Bob."

If you'll remember, it was an Orlando-area attorney who took out radio spots to campaign for the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow in free agency. You'll also remember that another local product, one Vince Young, was also thought of as a pure winner and another player that the Houston Texans couldn't possibly pass up.

Manziel fans better hope that the similarities end there, because both Young and Tebow are currently well out of the league, though Tebow did star in a sweet Super Bowl ad. Young, on the other hand, may or may not be filing for bankruptcy.

Overall, I think most of the staff and the readership here at Battle Red Blog are firmly against the Houston Texans selecting Manziel with their first overall pick, but if you agree with our local lawyer and billboard enthusiast, let's hear your thoughts.

All these lawyers spending cash on pipe dreams makes me wonder if our very own Battle Red Barrister and University of Texas alum has considered launching his very own campaign. Sign undrafted free agent Case McCoy, perhaps?