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2014 NFL Free Agency: Earl Mitchell Moving On From Texans

In a not-so-unexpected turn of events, free agent nose tackle Earl Mitchell is packing his bags and heading for greener pastures...and by greener, we mean full of money.


ESPN's Tania Ganguli has reported that fourth year defensive lineman Earl Mitchell is planning to play his second contract for another team after being "priced out" by other suitors.

Teams reportedly interested in Mitchell's services include the Dolphins, Chargers, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Bears, and Cowboys. Mitchell could never replicate his preseason dominance in the regular season during his time in Houston, but he has flashed excellent quickness and strength at the point of attack in the past. That could make him an intriguing under the radar option for teams needing interior help. I would not be shocked if he is being recruited as both a "cocked nose" and a three technique by different 4-3 teams, and maybe even as a 3-4 nose tackle by the Chargers.

If I had to make a bet on Mitchell's final destination here and now, it would be Chicago, where Mitchell can get back to being a penetrating three technique and put his quickness to use for something productive - hurting quarterbacks. He is no Henry Melton, but then again few people are. Chicago would do well to get this deal done quickly and start rebuilding their shockingly putrid defense from a season ago.