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Houston Texans News: Reliant Stadium Will No Longer Be Called Reliant Stadium

The Texans have announced that their home stadium will be known by a different name by the time football season starts. Read on to see what Reliant Stadium will now be called.

Reliant no more.
Reliant no more.
Ronald Martinez

We interrupt this free agent frenzy to bring you some Houston Texans stadium related news. Reliant Stadium is dead. Long live Reliant NRG Stadium! The Chronicle has more:

Reliant Park will soon be called NRG Park and Reliant Stadium NRG Stadium, after NRG Energy, the parent company of one of the largest electric retailers in the Houston area.

County sources say NRG, which acquired Reliant's retail operations in 2009, is planning a rebranding effort that will involve swapping out every sign bearing the Reliant name.

This news comes as no surprise, as it's been rumored and considered the eventual result since NRG bought Reliant a few years ago. Texans fans fortunate enough to have visited Reliant Stadium before 2009 and again in recent seasons may have noticed that the font and lettering on the signs at Reliant had changed to align more closely with NRG's logo. Now the final domino will fall.

If you have any reaction, visceral or otherwise, to the home of your Houston Texans undergoing a name change to accommodate one corporation instead of the corporation that originally purchased the naming rights, please sound off in the Comments below.