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2014 Houston Texans Free Agent Tracker: Bryan Braman Signs With Philadelphia Eagles

Perhaps the most beloved special teams player in Houston Texans franchise history is leaving for greener pastures. Look back on Bryan Braman's time in Houston and talk about his departure on Battle Red Blog.

As if I could use any other picture for this story.
As if I could use any other picture for this story.
Bob Levey

Well, then.

I know that some fans are probably going to be crushed by this development. Indeed, Braman's rise to the NFL was fairly unbelievable; it's not every day a guy goes from getting kicked out of college and pleading guilty to 'shroom possession to being a professional football player. And Braman was a valuable special teams player, especially on a unit that was virtually bereft of such a commodity. He even had a signature play that endeared him to the fan base.


That said, Braman never showed that he could contribute at linebacker, so the angst over his departure is likely to exceed the actual loss on the field for the Texans. He's a good special teams player, but guys like that are not irreplaceable. Best of luck to him in Philadelphia.