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2014 Houston Texans Free Agents: Darryl Sharpton Visited Tennessee

Is it possible the Texans' woefully thin linebacking corps could become even thinner? Darryl Sharpton won't be confused with Mike Singletary anytime soon, but should the Texans try to keep him?

Darryl Sharpton, doing his impression of Bryan Braman.
Darryl Sharpton, doing his impression of Bryan Braman.
Bob Levey

Jim Wyatt tweets:

I know of absolutely no one clamoring for the Texans to re-sign Darryl Sharpton. He's constantly injured and has shown that it's extraordinarily difficult for him to stay on the field. When he has seen the field, Darryl Sharpton has not demonstrated that he's much more than a depth play at linebacker. Thus, this post is not me making a case for the Texans to keep Sharpton.

I must note, however, that with Joe Mays' signing in Kansas City yesterday, the Texans would currently send Jeff Tarpinian or Justin Tuggle out to start next to Brian Cushing at inside linebacker right now. Granted, the specter of Brooks Reed moving inside is always present, but we have no idea whether this coaching staff believes that's a good idea.

The Texans had problems at inside linebacker before Joe Mays left and Darryl Sharpton tested the waters of free agency. Should the Texans attempt to keep Sharpton, if for no other reason than depth? Or does the combination of Sharpton's injury history, less than stellar play when healthy, and the arrival of a new defensive scheme under Romeo Crennel (e.g., there's no argument about Sharpton "knowing the system" and therefore having institutional value) mean the Texans should let Sharpton walk without giving it a second thought?