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2014 Houston Texans Free Agency Tracker/Open Thread: Day Four

The Houston Texans finally saw fit to make a move in free agency yesterday. Sure, it was a single move, but it's progress as we move into Day 4. Talk about that, as well as any rumors, signings, and/or rumored signings in Battle Red Blog's open thread for Day 4 of free agency.

The Ninja Assassin remains silent.
The Ninja Assassin remains silent.
Bob Levey

With the re-signing of Garrett Graham yesterday, your Houston Texans are officially off the free agent schneid. Make no mistake: The Texans will be signing more free agents. It's just that they are unlikely to be "splashy" or high-dollar acquisitions. I'd look for short, cap-friendly deals to a handful of unsung, younger veterans in the coming days and weeks. It's not sexy, but it's smart.

Speaking of smart and slow-playing the market...

The Texans have publicly been mum about the possibility of his return to Houston, but I wouldn't be surprised to see The Ninja Assassin stay home if he's willing to trade some amount of dollars for comfort. Of course, this is almost surely the last contract Smith will sign, so I can't hold it against him if he seeks to maximize his payout.

In the meantime, chat as you see fit about any news, rumors, or rumored news in this open thread.

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