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Battle Red Blog's Photoshop Contest II: Shiloh Keo's Useless Dive

Stretch out those finger muscles and rev up your Apple II because this week's Photoshop fodder is Shiloh Keo's superfluous dive roll against the New England Patriots.

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First off, I want to thank everyone who made submissions for last week's contest. John McClain getting his groove on next to Vince Young had me giggling especially girly-like. If you somehow missed it all, you can see some of the better submissions in the gallery below.

For this week, we go to an old favorite: Shiloh Keo's futile dive/roll against the New England Patriots.


In many ways, the picture perfectly sums up the impotence of the 2013 version of your Houston Texans. Like the team for much of the year, Keo sure is doing something and even though it looks kinda cool, it's ultimately useless.

This time it was Capt. Ron who was nice enough to provide the cut-out for us to use. If you're a resident of the Comments section, you've already noticed some of his work on the subject matter. We've added a few pictures to get us started.

The Cutout:


The Prize:

  • A date with kdentify's cat.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you probably made several people laugh.
  • Your work emblazoned in the gallery above.

Go go go!

No Photoshop? No problem. I used Pixlr editor, which should be available to use online with no download.

The better submissions will be added to the gallery above. Have fun.

Last Week's Entries: