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Report: Texans In 'Serious' Trade Talks Regarding QB Matt Schaub

CBS SportsRadio 610 reports that the Houston Texans are in serious talks to trade quarterback Matt Schaub to Oakland.

"Does this come in black?"
"Does this come in black?"
Bob Levey

Let's put the standard disclaimer about how all rumor and unnamed source talk should be taken with a grain of salt, but this one has some sense to it.

The Houston Texans, the NFL's worst team in 2013, are in "serious" trade talks, according to SportsRadio 610, to send former starting quarterback Matt Schaub to the Black Hole. That's right, the Oakland Raiders, the team notorious for wanting speed, is looking at adding the fleet-footed Matt Schaub. 

Let's look at some logic.

- Oakland doesn't really have a quarterback who has the job on lock.
- Oakland also has $59.9 million dollars of cap space that they have to use to meet the NFL's 89% cap minimum spend.
- Matt Schaub has a $10.5 million cap hit that could help Oakland meet that threshold. 
- Oakland coach Dennis Allen, after back-to-back season of four wins, is probably feeling the heat to improve his roster in order to keep his job.

As for what the Texans could receive? Logic tells us it would likely be a second (optimism!) or third day draft pick in 2014 and/or a 2015 conditional draft pick that's determined by Schaub's playing time and/or Oakland's overall success. 

Illogically, I'm sure most of us would drink a cup of backed up sewer water from Coliseum to help the Texans get rid of Schaub's albatross contract. 

Of course, as has happened eight times in the past 11 seasons, the Texans and Raiders are set to meet up in 2014. Storyline for the game? Check.

Sound off, BRBers. Does Oakland make sense as a trade partner? What would your dream trade be? Would you drink a cup of Coliseum sewage water to get rid of Schaub?