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2014 NFL Draft: Teddy Bridgewater "Average At Best" At Pro Day

Lots of negative buzz has come out in the last few hours surrounding Teddy Bridgewater's pro day. We have the full recap.

Andy Lyons

NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock was not fond of Teddy Bridgewater's long anticipated pro day outing, calling it "average at best". Similar concerns were raised all over the Twittersphere as reports of fluttering balls and accuracy issues raced through the internet. Ever more interesting was Bridgewater's loss of six pounds since the combine, where he weighed in at a perhaps overly svelte 214 pounds. Bridgewater weighed 208 today, and ran an okay 4.78.

A full contingent from the Texans was of course on hand to watch the averageness live for themselves.

After his single 40 yard dash, Bridgewater proceeded to the throwing portion of his workout without the gloves he has worn since high school. Take it away, Brian T.Smith.

Well...mostly working.

Despite Bridgewater's uncharacteristic shakiness without his gloves, the Texans would still be wise to consider the former Louisville Cardinal with the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. After all, if wearing gloves is all it takes to unlock his full passing potential, I do not necessarily consider that a "major issue". If Bridgewater showed these issues with his gloves, however, I would be a bit more concerned. The Texans have not had any opportunities to meet extensively with Bridgewater outside of their allotted fifteen minutes at the scouting combine February, but they reportedly do have something schedule "soon".

Considering that Teddy Bridgewater's maturity, intelligence, and work ethic are easily his biggest selling points, he likely would benefit from such a meeting far more than he ever could benefit from several dozen scripted throws. We shall see if Bridgewater's averageness in the spotlight today negatively affect his draft position on May 8th, when this long, arduous debate will finally come to an end.