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Battle Red Radio: Lone Signing

The first wave of free agency has passed with only Garrett Graham to show for it. Matt Weston, Chris from Houston Diehards, and BFD break down free agency and Teddy Bridgewater's pro day for your entertainment in the newest episode of Battle Red Radio.

The crown jewel of the Texans' free agency class.
The crown jewel of the Texans' free agency class.

Did you miss us?

In this week's episode, Matt Weston, Chris from Houston Diehards, and Big Fat Drunk will discuss the Texans free agency inactivity and Teddy Bridgewater's pro day.

The drill will be the same as the prior weeks. Leave whatever questions you have in the comments and we will answer them at some point during the show. Whether you listen or not, all questions are welcome, and we are extremely grateful for whatever you throw at us.

All feedback is appreciated as well. We want the show to be as stupendous as possible for y'all and the only way to get better is to know what we need to improve on.

Here is the embedded player:

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Since bfd has joined the show, the amount of cursing has increased. Listen at your own discretion. Edit: ****in' A it has.