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BRB Sunday Open Thread: Later Round Steals

We've talked Teddy, Johnny, Blake, and Jadeveon. Now it's time to talk about everyone (and everything) else. Make your voice heard in Battle Red Blog's Sunday Open Thread!

Harry How

With so much talk going on about who the Texans will take first overall, we tend to forget about the other six rounds of the NFL Draft. Houston owns the very first pick in every single round, which means that they are likely to snag at least one or two gems at a good value when good players inevitably slip through the cracks.

Who are your mid to late round targets? Does De'Anthony Thomas tickle your fancy as a Darren Sproles-ish back field weapon? Are there any mauling guards that you wish to plug in next to Duane Brown? Perhaps a nickel corner has caught your eye in the wake of yet another year of disappointment from Brice McCain?

The world is your oyster, BRB. Sound off in the comments below.