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2014 Houston Texans Free Agency: Ryan Fitzpatrick Visiting Texans

Last season Ryan Fitzpatrick was the enemy as a member of the Tennessee Titans. Could he soon be joining the good guys on Houston's sideline?

FOX 26's Mark Berman, one of the most "plugged in" media members to the Texans out there, is reporting that free agent journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick is in Houston today.

Fitzpatrick, who hales from Harvard, is known more for his brain than his brawn and is said to have scored a 38 on the Wonderlic exam in just nine minutes. Perhaps that supposed mental acumen would serve him best in a system that predicates itself on good decision making more than physical talents, of which Fitzpatrick definitely does not have copious amounts.

What say you, BRB? Would you rather have Khalil Mack/Jadeveon Clowney and Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Teddy Bridgewater and [insert second round defensive player here]?