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Houston Texans Defensive End Justin James Watt Turns 25 Today

J.J. Watt, defensive phenom for the Houston Texans and the future mayor of the city, is celebrating his 25th birthday today. Express your undying love for him here.

My love for this man knows no bounds.
My love for this man knows no bounds.

Perhaps the most charismatic man in Houston sports history turns one year older today.

Last year, I was two days late in writing about J.J. Watt's birthday, and then the Houston Texans had a painful 2-14 season. Not a conincidence, and not a mistake I'll make again, thank you very much.

The only thing that stinks about birthdays is that you're one year closer to turning another year older. It's true. Next year he'll be 26, and then 27, after that 28 and 29, and then.... 30. Oh, man, he's only five years away from being 30! The cosmic machination of time affects even demi-gods like Watt. The magnitude of this on a macro scale is hard to comprehend, so I'll stop this post before I have an existential meltdown.

So, indeed, a very happy birthday to you, Mr. Watt. Hopefully you'll be on the receiving end of a fat contract extension very soon, because that's all many of us are hoping for on our birthdays this year.

Send Watt your love in the Comments below and enjoy the highlight video. Happy Saturday.